Mystic Loneworld Studios: Innovative Entertainment Is Our Goal and Mission

Mystic Loneworld StudiosĀ© and all content bearing its signature, stamp or author's name are properties and copyright of Baron Jared Nephilus. At his consent and authority are you permitted to promote or advertise the material produced by the studio, thus to do so, contact him at (keep in mind that the 'pora' name may not be the real Baron's name and unless he changes his mail address being he prefers his personal and business lives to be two different things), he loves and appreciates fans so don't shy away from making AMVs or fan art or even fan-fiction since he isn't a bloody corporate slug. He's also fond of polite and honest people, so no wearing personality masks in his presence should you be lucky to meet him since he hates that celebrity veneration others seem to like (he lets his characters take the red carpet walk of fame and glory of the large silver screen) you'll just find him some ordinary 'Sloaner' type of guy.

Notice: At the moment, this isn't a very impressive site but has an impressive idea and by all means is a WIP. I may eventually move my site to a more personalized computer but I haven't decided that yet so for the moment I'm set up on neocities who is generous enough to let me get started here. Even if my studio gets big and I have to leave this place because I'd kill the independent integrity established here, I created it solely to entertain and nothing more as I will clearly ignore corporate aspirations (they don't interest me) as I care more about the integrity, quality and the fun-factor of what I do and definitely give a damn about what I create.